How to Register

Registering for a Tampa Bay Beach Bums Tournament

Reserve your spot for the next tournament today. Registration is $50 for 2's and $80 for 4's and spots fill quickly. If you find that the division & time slot you wanted is capped, please email us at with what division/time you are available & phone number; we will put you on a waiting list. We will contact you in the order received and give you the option to fill a spot if one becomes available.

Register at Volley America

Step 1: Register as a Volley America member. If you are already a member, move on to Step 2. Volley America is a large outdoor volleyball organization that promotes players’ standings, volleyball organizations, and regional events. It takes $15 to register with Volley America for the year.

Click Here to Register for a Volleyamerica Membership

Step 2: Find the Tournament. Click on the link below, choose the Tampa Bay Beach Bums schedule page on the Volley America site then hit Refresh Schedule

Click Here To View The Upcoming Events

Step 3: Register. From that event’s page, click the “Register for this Event”.

Step 4: Pick Division. Select your division from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Enter your VolleyAmerica login credentials or sign up for a VolleyAmerica membership.

Step 6: Find your Partner(s) then Select Go!

Step 7: Pay the Registration Fee. You will then be taken back to our web site and where you can add this tournament to your shopping cart then check out. You may check out with PayPal or a credit card. After you have paid for the event’s registration, please take note of your confirmation number.

Step 8: Notify Us in the Facebook Event Page. 

Then visit our Faceboook Events Page and click the corresponding event for which you registered.


Step 9: On the discussion tab, please a leave a comment with your team’s name, the division, the start time and the confirmation number. Please tag all of your teammates so they are alerted.



You’re now all set! All that’s left to do it is prepare for the tournament

Bum On!