Preparation is Key

There are several things to keep in mind when preparing for the summer months ahead. Here are some tips from the Beach Bum’s “Pros”:
  • BRING WATER! You are going to playing for hours, it’s very important to stay hydrated!
  • Pack sunscreen.  And reapply.  Lots.
  • Lots people like to play in sand socks, it helps keep your feet from burning/freezing, a great investment for year-round play.  See our “GEAR” page for links.
  • Bring an extra set of clothes. You may end up wanting to change for the after party or even half way through the day if you are playing hard.  Come prepared!
  • Speaking of clothes, many of us girls aren't sure what to wear to play in in the summer.  Most girls are playing in bikinis during the day.  Its much cooler, easy to rinse off in, and hey, you can work on your tan
  • It’s pretty well known that we do a charity raffle each month.  100% of that money goes to a local person or charity in need, BRING CASH to donate. Even if it’s $1, every cent helps!  Through these raffles we have helped raise over $6000 since we started, a little over a year ago.