About Us


The Beach Bum's Story:

Beach Bums’ Founders (from left to right) Prem Persaud, Rachael Manzanares, Jess Bakaylar, and Dominic Nelson

It began with the four of us, who all met through beach volleyball. Because of our shared love of the game, we started hosting some small friendly tournaments in Gulfport in late 2013. Within a few months, we had expanded to 44 teams. As of 2016 we host over 200 teams a month. 

What Makes Our Beach Volleyball Tournament Different:

Several things make us different from other local beach volleyball tournaments. We pride ourselves in our atmosphere. Every game is self-refereed, and respect and fair play are required in order to participate. This has a two-fold effect: It gives those who aren’t playing time to socialize and prepare for the next match, and it brings competitors together to ensure sportsman-like conduct. 

We also want to have a lot of fun. Every tournament has music, a theme, a costume contest, and a charity. We offer prizes at  for all divisions of play. We are a tournament that goes on well after the sun goes down. This is something we find VERY attractive due to the humid, hot weather here in Florida. Lastly, we hold get-togethers after every tournament so that players can mingle and relax while drawing conversations from day and supporting the local businesses.

What it means to be a Beach Bum:

We consider everyone who has stepped into the sand at one of our tournaments a Beach Bum. The reasons to join are many. It is a great way to meet new people. Some don’t even play and come out to simply hang out. It is an escape from the normal weekend and a great source of exercise. It lets people get involved with the community and give to a charity. Most importantly, it is a great way to learn about and support the sport and hone your beach volleyball skills.

Our Mission:

We want to be a driving force of beach volleyball in the Tampa Bay area. It is about encouraging participation in the sport and promoting fun, fair play well beyond the sands of our courts. Our vision is to create a community for beach volleyball and open the doors of that community to everyone who wants to join, bringing good people together to help the surrounding society, give to charities, and frequent local businesses. Ultimately, we want to advance awareness of beach volleyball to the public in Tampa Bay while helping the area itself become renowned for the sport.